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The simplest WhatsApp commerce solution for D2C brands

Sell to your customers effectively via WhatsApp
Support your customers with an intelligent chatbot
Succeed in business with an engaged customer base

Why do our clients choose us

Our solution strikes a great balance between features and complexity. We wanted our solution to be the simplest AI powered commerce solution for all WhatsApp D2C businesses.

Easy to setup and use image

Easy to setup and use

We provide an easy to use no code platform to setup the WhatApp commerce solution for your business. Most users are able to setup the system with 2 hours.

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The most advanced AI system

Our core team is made of AI ninjas who have perfected building chatbots. Our conversational AI platform uses the most advanced and bleeding edge technology.

Scaling customer engagement image

Scaling customer engagement

For a growing business scailng the customer engagement process is not easy. With our tools, our clients are able to mitigate this business risk with great ease.

Are you battling with abandoned carts? Stop losing your sleep and start winning in your D2C commerce business.

What does our app deliver

Helping D2C brands succeed has been our core strenghts. As a software development organisation we have developed a sharp solution to simplify the technology challenges of D2C brands.

Abandoned cart icon

Recovering from abandoned carts

Most of D2C brands agree that abondoned carts are the single most pain point in their business. Our solution solves this problem by improving and automating the customer engagement cycle.

Scale marketing icon

Scaling marketing campaigns

Manually operating marketing campaigns and understanding the ROI is a complex task. Using a tool like ours can elimite the manual effort and the guess work involved in ROI estimation.

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Great value at a competitive price

We keep our costs low through frugal business practices. As a result, we are able to provide the best products at a competitive price.

Icon for 24/7 support

24/7 customer engagement

Your business never sleeps. Bring the capabilities of automation to your D2C brand and serve your customers even when you are asleep.

Icon for simple D2C tools

Tools to simplify D2C business

We strongly believe in democratisation of technology. CRM, marketing automation and chatbots need not be reserved only for D2C brands with large budgets.

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Building an engaged customer following

It has an established fact in D2C commerce that when your customer engagement increases so does your top line. With our platform you will be able to engage with your customers on a systematic basis.

Do you want to build a loyal customer base? Try our solution free for 14 days!

The WhatsApp commerce solution you have been waiting for

Features adequate for most D2C brands to get going and start seeing the benefits

Product information management icon

Product Information Management

Manage your products and catalogs in a single place. Share your catalog at scale.

AI chatbot icon

AI Chatbot

Automate notificiations, replies and customer interaction with AI chatbots. Pre-built templates for quick setup.

Customer relationship managemetn icon

Customer Relationship Management

Manage customers, orders, reviews and feedback in a single place. Never loose sight of whats important.

Retail data analytics icon

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Have a 360 degree view of your ecommerce operations. Manage and optimise your business.

Marketing campaign management icon

Marketing Campaign Management

Run your bulk maketing campaigns with ease. Track and analyse effectiveness.

Pricing plans


Core customer engagement features
  • Share product catalogs on WhatsApp
  • Setup up automated replies for customer interactions
  • Schedule and manage marketing campaigns


AI powered automation features
  • All the features from Standard plan
  • Setup AI powered replies for customer interactions
  • AI chatbot in English and Tamil
  • Advanced marketing analytics and ROI insights

Enhance your D2C business with a simple to use WhatsApp commerce solution

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