Image Optimizer for Shopify | Edit, retouch and optimize your product images

The simplest all-in-one Shopify app to make your product images look fantastic

Gayathri Venkataraman

Product images on an online Shopify store provide an instant connection to the buyer. In an online store, the buyers do not have the luxury to touch, feel and experience a product. Images are the only way your customers know what they are buying. Thus, having images optimized is a key part of making a sale. We process visual information much faster than textual information, thus well-composed product images encourage the customers to make a faster buy. If your product images are too small or composed, you risk losing customers who might not come back to your site to buy because they can’t see what your product looks like. Furthermore, product imagery helps the customers to better visualize how the product will look in their own homes, making the buying decision even easier. Additionally, they help customers to better understand the product’s features. By displaying your product in a way that helps customers to visualize its use, you can increase the likelihood that they’ll click “Add to Cart”. To get the most out of your product images, you should consider a few key factors. You’ll want to make sure that they are relevant to the customers and high-quality. Poor-quality images will only serve to turn away your customers. Also, very large images can make your page loading very slow, which is a deterrent for website visitors and search rankings.

Image optimization helps to bring in a good balance between good quality images and a faster website. It makes product images on your website look both interesting and light. Lighter websites bring in higher search rankings and more customers. Image optimization is the process of delivering high-quality images in the right format, dimension, size, and resolution while keeping the best possible size.


Optimizing images usually involves focusing on elements such as image type, size, ALT text, file format, and image description keywords. There are many methods for optimizing images, including using the correct image size, optimizing them for social media, viewing them on a cell phone, creating an image sitemap, and adding structured data. Having established the need for image optimization, we will now elaborate on how we do the image optimization through the all-in-one Shopify Image Optimizer. In this blog, you will learn

  • Features of the application
  • Differentiating factors and uniqueness of the application

The ShopJets Image Optimizer for Shopify

Techniques including image resize/cropping, image compression, conversion, image enhancement, image SEO, watermarks and overlays, and image enhancement are part of image optimization. Online shopping is becoming more popular, and optimizing images can help you draw relevant organic traffic to your Shopify store. You can find several image optimization tools in the Shopify app market. What makes the all-in-one Image optimizer different?

The all-in-one Image Optimizer is a comprehensive image optimization tool. It bundles all the tools in a single place, preventing unnecessary use of many tool sets. The current tools available on the market include only a part of optimization tools. The Shopify store must switch between two or three applications to achieve the optimal image they desire. We can deliver all the optimization techniques at an economical price since in one single package.

The feature set

The all-in-one Image Optimizer for Shopify bundles many other image optimization tools into one single set. The other features that are offered include

  • Resize/ Crop - All your product photos will be automatically resized, cropped, and replaced in your online store so that everything is uniform. The image resizing and cropping produces images without loss in quality
  • Compression - With the help of Image Optimizer, images are automatically compressed to reduce file size without affecting quality to an unacceptable level, resulting in faster image transmission over the internet or download time. Store loading time, user experience, and SEO all benefit from compressed images.
  • Conversion - Image conversion allows the user to upload the images in JPEG, PNG, or webp format, and the processed output also can be any format depending on the user. Default is JPEG images as they provide the best quality for the smallest file size.
  • Image SEO - Automated addition of alt text and image names for improving SEO.
  • Background removal - The subject in the foreground is automatically detected and intelligently removed from the background. Our neural network AI-based algorithm has been extensively trained on retail images and works accurately. You will be able to remove the background of any photo from your products with just one simple click.
  • Image enhancement - Improve your images, sharpen, adjust, alter their contrast, brightness and produce clear and crisp images.
  • Image upscaling - With the help of neural networks based algorithms, upscale your images. Our AI-based algorithm produces high quality images from low resolution images without pixellation.
  • Watermarking - You can add customized watermarks to your product images to protect your images or add any other message or branding you want to display on your product images.
  • Batch edits - The application can optimize images in a batch, therefore, saving time and money.
  • Overlays, badges - Shopify owners can now choose from a wide range of theme badges and stickers to add that extra element of brand personality to their product images.
  • Image backup - Having images as one of the most significant assets of any store, the Image Optimizer app backs up the originals before altering them.

What are the unique features of the ShopJets Image Optimizer ?

What is that sets the ShopJets Image Optimizer from its competitors in the market. We now elaborate on what differentiates the all-in-one Image Optimizer from the rest of the applications on Shopify. The all-in-one Image Optimizer is known to produce high quality images using AI-based algorithms at a cost which is competitive and nominal when compared to the competitors on the market.

Background removal

When you sell products on the website, you need high-quality images to boost your conversion rate and sales. But if your product photos are cluttered or have distracting backgrounds, shoppers will be less likely to buy from you. Image backgrounds can be distracting or even messy, which may give the impression that your product isn’t high-quality. If you want to improve your image quality and make your photos more professional, then you need to remove the backgrounds. Background removal makes images more attractive and easier to use in marketing materials. It is a great way to showcase products without an obstructed view. There are many different ways to remove backgrounds from images. The best way to do this depends on the photo and the image that you want to keep in focus.

The all-in-one Image Optimizer application performs automatic background removal using artificial intelligence. The application uses neural network architecture to train the models. The model is trained for the retail product images. Exhaustive training with the retail images renders high accuracy and quality for the processed image. The AI-based technique employed in all-in-one Image Optimizer renders an accurate removal of the background. Often, other applications tend to ignore loose items hanging from the products like belt. Let us illustrate the feature along with an example

Most applications in the Shopify market remove the loose hanging items from the main image along with the background. It makes the product look incomplete. Customer will not get a full product picture, thereby causing them to abandon. The all-in-one Optimizer performs an accurate removal of just the background. Apart from the accuracy, this optimizer stands out by offering a competitive price as well. While the other competitor applications in Shopify offer roughly 35 cents per edit, the all-in-one Image Optimizer offers the same for 16 cents per edit. When considering these factors, the Shopify owners will likely find our application to be the best option for background removal.


Upscale feature

The all-in-one Image Optimizer for Shopify uses neural network AI-based upscaling techniques making the enhanced visuals look more crisp and realistic. When upscaling images, the objective is to improve the visual quality at higher resolutions. Most applications use an interpolation method to upscale an image. In contrast, AI upscaling begins with a low-resolution picture and predicts an image that would be downscaled to match the appearance of the initial low-resolution photo. The upscaled photos must be trained on many photographs to achieve accurate prediction. The deployed AI technology can then take low-resolution footage and produce high-quality sharpness and enhanced details that no traditional scaler can match. We offer this feature at the rate of 16 cents per edit as compared to other applications that charge twice as much.

Image enhancement

To ensure your product images resonate with customers and drive sales, you need to make sure they are optimized for the best possible user experience. Poorly-lit, poorly-framed, or unedited product images can negatively impact sales. Image enhancement is a process of enhancing (or improving) the image for better analysis. It may be removing noise or improving the contrast, enhancing the intensity, etc. One can find many Shopify tools for image enhancement. The all-in-one Image Optimizers offer image enhancement as part of the package. The application offers batch processing as well. If the images are clicked in the same lighting and setup, then image enhancement can be performed together as a batch thereby saving time and energy.

The all-in-one Image Optimizer can optimize images all at once. This will be a huge benefit for Shopify owners who use many applications across the platform to achieve their goals. Our pricing plans are very competitive and accommodating. We provide a wide range of picture optimization tools at a bargain price. Our small basic service includes all the fundamental picture optimization tools at a competitive price. Other software on Shopify provides less functionality for a higher cost. We are able to provide affordable AI-based picture optimization services too. Our pricing brands almost offer twice as many AI-based edits for a nominal increase in the price. The AI-based optimization options offered at a nominal price are a game-changer for the platform. The app is very easy to use and you don’t need any special skills to operate the app. We offer customer support and help that can be availed at any time through email. We are always at your service and we are always there to help you.